Dear South African Luxury Brand and PR/Media Agency,

We are delighted to invite your luxury brand or agency client to join us for our 4th digital content creation weekend, taking place at the superb Empire Capital Penthouse Apartments in Sandton, Johannesburg on November 28th/29th, 2020.

If your brand would like a wonderful new portfolio of luxury photo and video content for your new 2021 digital marketing activities, this is an exclusive weekend event not to be missed.

By bringing together our professional production crew, models, and top influencers in one premium location for a whole weekend, we can offer the luxury brands attending the following exciting package of digital content and promotional exposure at a minimal cost.


In collaboration with South Africa’s number one, Google ranked luxury lifestyle digital magazine - Luxuria Lifestyle:

Exclusive use of a leading digital content creation production agency.

Access to our team of professional models and influencers, with a social media following of over 1m.

Supply your products prior to the event allowing us to create new luxury content on your behalf, or attend yourself with your own team or an agency representative.

Exciting new HD video or photographic content created exclusively for your website, digital marketing activities, and social media platforms.

Valuable social media promotion posted all weekend by our hand-picked influencer team and across our digital luxury magazine portfolio.

A highly cost-effective price as numerous luxury brands taking part and all sharing the costs.

For more information and to book (only have 4 spots left) please email info@luxurialifestyle.com

Stay safe and with our best wishes,

The JD Creations Team

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