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About Us

We are a team of individuals working together to achieve an extraordinary vision. To face the challenges of the future, we leverage our cultural influence and apply it to our work. We do this by taking advantage of the opportunities that come with being part of a global community.

Meet the Team

We are all about creating opportunity and building up our community.

Meet the team that is making the JD dream a reality day after day:

Our Values

We Are African:

Our greatest superpower. We leverage the cultural influence that Africa has and is creating around the globe to achieve our vision.


If you are not working to the best of your ability, you are wasting your time. Consistent excellence builds our reputation which translates into opportunity - not just for ourselves but for those whom we work with.


Great things cannot be achieved alone. Everyone is blessed with their individual gifts & talents, however, we also have weaknesses. Building a strong sense of community allows us to rely on each other’s skills to fill our gaps of weakness.


Technology is evolving at rates never seen before. Discovering & developing new approaches enable us to be exceptional in what we do and be prepared for change in order to not be left behind.


The most innovative ideas appear to be absurd at face value. It is important for us to think outside of the box if we are to remain innovative in the space in which we operate.



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